Killing mosquitoes is a sin in this country! : Is it a sin to kill mosquitoes in Bhutan? Which country in the world has no mosquitoes? This is what we talked about today in the Strange Knowledge series.

Killing mosquitoes is a sin in this country! Killing any living being is considered a sin, but sometimes circumstances become such that they have to be killed. Like mosquitoes…mosquitoes become a cause of trouble for everyone during summer. Due to this, dengue and malaria spread and then it threatens people’s lives.

People keep cursing the Municipal Corporation and the Government that no arrangements have been made to kill mosquitoes. But do you know that there is a country in the world where killing mosquitoes is considered a sin. Even if the officers come to spray the medicine, people follow them. Start chasing them away. Malaria spread here a few months ago, yet people did not allow mosquitoes to be killed.

We are talking about Bhutan. Being a Buddhist country, killing any living being is considered a sin in Bhutan. Even if it is a disease causing germ. In such a situation, the officials who spray medicines to prevent malaria still have to face a lot of difficulties. When government employees go to sprinkle medicine, people create ruckus.

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A few years ago, the situation was such that medicine was sprayed inside houses by force. People say that even a mosquito has life and it cannot be killed. However, now the situation is gradually changing. People are realizing that it is for their good

Not a single mosquito is found here

Now know about that country in the world where there is not a single mosquito. Yes, not a single mosquito. The name of this country is Iceland, which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Not only mosquitoes, snakes and other crawling creatures are also not found here. Some species of spiders are found, but they are not that dangerous for humans.

There is another place where mosquitoes are not found, that is Antarctica. Since it is very cold in Antarctica, mosquitoes are not there. Iceland also experiences very low temperatures, which can reach -38 degrees Celsius.


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