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Meaning of Moles on Body: Whatever may be the meaning of mole on the body in medical terms, but in Samudrik Shastra, moles on different parts of the body tell some story or the other. Today we will talk about different moles of the body.

Meaning of Moles on Body: Like astrology and palmistry, Samudrika Shastra has its own importance in Hindu religion. In this scripture, the future of a person is assessed through the structure of body parts, moles, marks, scars, shape and type of nails. In Samudrik Shastra, moles on different parts of the body are divided into auspicious and inauspicious. Some moles are considered very auspicious and help the person achieve great success. At the same time, if there is an inauspicious mole, a person keeps yearning for happiness, prosperity and money throughout his life.


It is normal to have moles on the body. Some moles are congenital while some appear on the body with time. According to Samudrik Shastra, moles on the body have their own different significance. By looking at these moles, you can guess about many things that will happen to you in the future.

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Women who have a mole on their stomach get a good husband and good children. At the same time, women who have a mole on their stomach just below the chest, have a very good life.


A person who has a mole on the upper part of the navel is very fond of eating and drinking. Having a mole inside or around the navel indicates the attainment of wealth. Such people touch heights in life and achieve great heights. They never have shortage of money and their whole life is happy.

below the navel

At the same time, the person who has a mole slightly below the navel. This is considered very auspicious. Such people never face shortage of money. Although their initial life may be simple, in future they accumulate a lot of wealth by doing many big things. Besides this, such people are very trustworthy.

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