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Name Astrology: The first letter of the name can also be known about a person’s career, future, financial condition, love life etc. This branch of astrology is called name astrology or name astrology.

Name Astrology : In astrology, the way the future is told according to the zodiac sign. Similarly, in various branches of astrology, the future can also be known from the root number, palm line and first letter of the name. Apart from his nature and behaviour, a person’s name also has a big impact on his future. Today, according to name astrology, we know about names starting with letters Y and T, whose people touch heights in their careers, but are unlucky in love.

Are unlucky in matters of love

Name starting with the letter T: People whose name starts with the letter T get a good position in their career. Such people are temperamental and like to live a nomadic life. These people are rich and travel a lot during their lifetime. They like to meet new people, make friends and live life on their own terms. However, these people are unlucky in matters of love. Neither are they able to spend their lives tied to one person, nor is their partner able to tolerate their capricious nature for long.

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Name starting with letter Y: People whose name starts with letter Y are very self-respecting. He likes to do his own work himself. These people do not like taking help or favors from others at all. However, they are always ready to help others. These people achieve good position in their career and also become rich. These people are unlucky in matters of love. Generally they are not able to marry their love partner. But they remain honest towards their spouse throughout their life.

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