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Rahu-Ketu Rashi Parivartan: Due to the change in the zodiac signs of Rahu and Ketu, the two months of November and December are going to bring good fortune for the people of this zodiac sign who are associated with the field of media or social media. During this period, you will get the desired success in your work field.

Rahu-Ketu Rashi Parivartan: The remaining two months of this year i.e. November and December are going to further enhance the personality of Capricorn people. Your status will become that of a celebrity and everyone will not only want to meet you but will also want to capture this moment with you on camera. Your friendly and joking nature with everyone will touch the hearts and minds of people. Seeing all these things, you too will become giddy in your heart.

The two months of November and December are going to bring good luck for the people associated with the field of media or social media. The zodiac changes of Rahu and Ketu will help in getting you the desired success in the workplace.

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The last two months of the year 2023 are going to be auspicious for businessmen also. You will be successful in expanding your business. You will get a big order which will help in strengthening your financial position. But you also have to be a little careful. If your money is stuck somewhere then try to get it. This time is very good for you from investment point of view. You will be able to invest money in property and you may also receive some ancestral property. You will also get vehicle pleasure. You can also go on a trip, there are indications of going abroad also.

Time is good for students, if you are preparing for any competitive exam then you will get success in it, you just have to keep working hard. Those who are looking for a job will get a good job.

Parents’ health may deteriorate. Your interest will increase towards spirituality. You will participate enthusiastically in religious activities. You will also receive good news from your children. Your relationship with your spouse will be cordial. Time is going to be good from health point of view.

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