Flying Car Testing in China

Flying Car Testing in China: If someone tells you that he has seen a flying car, then you may not believe his words, because there is no such car in the market, but it can happen in the coming days. Actually, one such car has been tested in China. It has also flown up to a limit in the initial stage.

Flying Car Testing in China: Till now you must have heard about flying car many times, but have not seen it in reality. The talk of the automobile i.e. the car flying is limited to claims and books, it has not been able to land on the ground. However, a lot of research is going on about this. Many discoveries have come very close to this. If all goes well then maybe you will see this reality in the coming few years.

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This technique has been used

According to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua, Chinese researchers at Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu, Sichuan province, tested such a car last week. This car flies in the air. It uses magnets to float 35 mm above the conductor rail. To put it in another way, Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) technology has been kept in the vehicle.

One car out of 8 took flight

Researchers placed eight sedans with strong magnets on the bottom of the vehicle and tested them along 8 km of rail. During this the results were surprising. One of the eight cars reached the top speed of 230 kmph. A video of this car has been posted by a Chinese journalist, in which you will see that these cars sometimes even run on the track.

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There can be many benefits in the future

According to Xinhua, government transport officials conducted experiments to research high-speed driving safety measures. However, according to university professor Deng Xigang who worked on the development of vehicles, adopting magnetic levitation for passenger cars could result in lower energy consumption and greater range. This type of car can be more effective where there is no proper electricity system. Not only this, this car can also remove the worry of range.


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