Retirement Income Systems in India : The Global Pension Index compares 47 retirement income systems around the world and covers 64 percent of the world’s population.

Retirement Income Systems in India: After retirement, many elderly people in the country like to devote time to their hobbies and some believe that leisure moments should be spent with family. Now a report related to this has come which tells at what level the retirement system is running in India and what is India’s position in the Global Pension Index.

India’s rank is 45th in the list of 47 countries.

On Tuesday, 15th March, a report of CFA Institute Global Pension Index (MCGPI) has come. It has been said that although there has been some improvement in the retirement system in India compared to last year, but according to the Retirement Income System Analysis, India ranks 45th in the list of 47 countries. Obviously this cannot be called a particularly good performance.

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Some improvement in the situation has been seen

India got an overall index value of 44.5 to 45.9 in the year 2022, due to which the country got 45th position in the retirement income status analysis of 47 countries. This figure has been seen due to improvement in the position of sub-indices falling in the area of sustainability and efficiency.

which country is on top

Netherlands has the highest overall index value in the list with 85. After this is Iceland which is in second place with a score of 83.5. Denmark has a score of 81.3 and is in third place. Argentina is at the lowest level in this list and its score is 42.3.

Three new retirement income systems also included

This year, the Global Pension Index compared 47 retirement income systems around the world and covered 64 percent of the world’s population. Three new retirement income systems have been included in the 2023 Global Pension Index, namely Botswana, Croatia and Kazakhstan.

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