Snake Venom Price : Snake venom is in the news ever since Noida Police caught five people with snakes and snake venom.

Snake Venom Price : Snake venom is in the news ever since Noida Police caught five people with snakes and snake venom.After the name of YouTuber, influencer and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvis Yadav came up in this case, this matter has become quite high profile. However, this is not the first case of snake venom being caught in India. A few years ago, some people in West Bengal were caught with snake venom worth about Rs 2.5 billion. Snake venom is very expensive.

The price of venom of some species of snakes is even more expensive than gold. The price of one gram of venom of Spectacled Cobra found in India is around twelve and a half thousand rupees (Snake Venom Price).

Every year in India, about 50 thousand people die due to snake bites. On one hand, snake venom kills humans, on the other hand, it is also useful in saving human lives. Medicines are made from snake venom. Anti-venom medicines are made from snake venom only.

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Now even drug addicts all over the world have started using snake venom as an intoxicant. Noida Police also says that the five people they have arrested supply snake venom and snakes for intoxication in rave parties.

Price by species and country

About 3000 thousand types of snakes are found around the world. 272 species of snakes are also found in India. Of these, only 58 species of snakes are poisonous. Common Krait, Russell’s Viper, Saw-scaled Viper and Indian Cobra are the four most poisonous snakes of India. The price of snake venom varies depending on its species. Apart from this, rates are different in different countries also. For example, snake venom in China is much cheaper than in Europe and America.

At what price is poison sold?

The price of one gram of venom of Spectacled Cobra, which is found in many countries of Asia including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal, is about twelve and a half thousand rupees (150 dollars) in the international market.

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The common krait snake is found extensively in villages and forests. This snake bites humans the most in India. The price of one gram of its poison is also said to be Rs 8 to 10 thousand.

The price of coral snake venom found in many countries including Australia is very high. Its price in Australia is 53 thousand rupees ($641). Similarly, one gram of Brown Snake poison is available in many countries for 4,000 dollars i.e. about three lakh 30 thousand rupees.

Why is snake venom so expensive?

Snake venom is rare. It comes out in very small quantities. This is the reason why it is so expensive. Keeping snakes and extracting their venom is a very dangerous task. This does not happen on a large scale throughout the world. The proteins found in snake venom have been used to treat many diseases such as heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Anti-venom medicines are made from it. For this reason, there is a lot of demand for snake venom. This demand makes it more expensive than gold.

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