Why UPI Payment is Failing?: Why does UPI payment fail again and again? Reserve Bank told the reason


Why UPI Payment is Failing?: During the month of May, an average of 45 crore transactions were done through UPI every day. On the other hand, 31 cases of down-time were reported during the month…

Why UPI Payment is Failing?: In the last few years, the popularity of UPI has increased a lot in the country. In today’s time, from big cities to remote villages, people are using UPI the most for payment. However, sometimes people also face problems in this. Especially at that time people start getting troubled when UPI transactions start failing again and again. RBI has now given the reason for this.

NPCI’s technology is capable

The Reserve Bank of India says that people face problems in making online payments due to the flaw in the system of banks. UPI or NPCI is not responsible for this. The technology of UPI and NPCI is capable in such a way that payments do not fail under any circumstances. The main reason for UPI payment failure is the weak technology of banks. For this reason, the Reserve Bank keeps asking all the banks to work on technology.

RBI told this reason

Last week, the monetary policy committee of the Reserve Bank met. Reserve Bank Governor Shaktikanta Das, while talking to the media after the meeting, gave information about the UPI payment failure. He said – In all cases related to downtime i.e. problem in the payment system, the Central Bank checks whether there is any obstruction from NPCI. The investigation found that there is no problem from NPCI. This problem is from the banks.

So many transactions last month

UPI is still making new records in daily transactions. NPCI figures show that in May, an average of more than 45 crore UPI transactions took place per day. At the same time, in May 2024, there were 31 cases of down-time in various banks, due to which the payment gateways were closed for more than 47 hours. With the increasing use of UPI, people’s dependence on it is increasing and in such a situation, down-time causes problems on a large scale.

Refund comes back on its own

UPI is still a very safe payment mode. In this, if your transaction fails and money is deducted from your account, then in most cases the money is automatically returned in the form of refund. Usually it takes less than an hour for the refund to come. In some cases it takes more time and you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours for the refund. Even after that, if the refund does not come, you can complain further.


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