World’s richest poker players : These people became billionaires by playing this game, you can also try your luck!

World's richest poker players

World’s richest poker players: The market for online games and entertainment like poker is growing rapidly. If we talk about the highest earnings from this game, which makes money in the blink of an eye with the right bet, then we have made a list of the 7 biggest poker players in the world. Even big businessmen will be surprised to know their income.

World’s richest poker players : American resident Dan Bilzerian is the person who earns the most from poker in the world. His total net worth is about $200 million. Dan said in November 2013 that he had won about Rs 82 crore from poker in one night, while in 2014 his earnings from poker in a year were more than Rs 400 crore. However, he has also lost the most, Rs 2.91 crore, in one night.

World’s richest poker players : Philip Dennis Ivey Jr. of America also comes second in terms of the highest earnings from poker. He has also played 10 World Series so far. Apart from this, he has also played the finals of many other series. He is considered the best all round poker player in the world. So far, he has told his total earnings from poker as 12.5 crore dollars.

World’s richest poker players : In terms of earnings from poker, Lebanon’s Ishan Sam Farha’s name comes on the third position. Sam has made a net worth of more than 100 million dollars through poker so far. Sam was also selected as the best finisher in the World Series of Poker in the year 2003.

World’s richest poker players : Chris Ferguson of America has been placed on the fourth position in terms of highest earnings from poker. Chris has made a property of 80 million dollars  by playing poker so far. Ferguson is a computer scientist and education trainer by profession.

World’s richest poker players : Doyle Brunson has also earned a lot of money by playing poker. Brunson, an American resident, has so far earned a net worth of $75 million from poker.

World’s richest poker players : Daniel Negreanu, a Canadian, has also earned a net worth of crores through poker. He won 6 World Series and reached the first place in the World Ranking in 2014. Daniel has a net worth of $ 48 million which he has earned from poker.

World’s richest poker players : Erik Seidel, a resident of America, has also earned a net worth of crores from the game of poker. Las Vegas resident Erik has so far earned a net worth of $42 million through poker. He has won 9 times in the World Series of Poker.


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