Honeytrap Case:

Honeytrap Case: Another Indian Army jawan Honeytrap: Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is constantly trying to get important information related to the army from the Indian Army soldiers by trapping them in the vortex of love trap through girls. In this episode, Shantimoy Rana, an army personnel posted in Jaipur, was trapped by two Pakistani beauties in their love trap and started taking secret information from him. The Intelligence Police has arrested the army personnel.

Honeytrap Case: Jaipur, Another soldier of the Indian Army has become a victim of honeytrap of Pakistani female spies. The police of Jaipur Intelligence Unit has arrested this armyman spying for Pakistan.

This army personnel was collecting confidential information of the Indian Army through social media and was spying for women agents of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. The army personnel who were arrested is Shantimoy Rana. He is a resident of West Bengal. He joined the Indian Army in March 2018. After this his posting was done in Rajasthan.

According to the police of Jaipur Intelligence Unit, Shantimoy Rana was in touch with two women agents of Pakistan through social media for the last few months.

By telling himself in the Military Engineering Service and Nursing Service, he had befriended Shantimoy Rana. These agents had given their names as Gurnoor Kaur alias Ankita and Nisha.

Started asking for photographs of confidential documents and videos of maneuvers

In these, an agent told himself to be a resident of Uttar Pradesh and to be in Military Engineering Service.

At the same time, the other agent told himself to be in the Military Nursing Service. In this way, both of them trapped the army personnel Shantimoy in the honeytrap. After trapping her in the greed of money and love, she started asking for photographs of confidential documents related to the Indian Army and videos of maneuvers.

The campaign is being run in the name of Operation Sarhad

DG Intelligence Umesh Mishra said that under the operation named Operation Sarhad, espionage activities for Pakistani intelligence agencies are monitored. In this, information was received about military personnel Shantimoy Rana being in contact with Pakistani women agents. On this, Shantimoy was taken into custody on July 25. He has been arrested after interrogation. He is under interrogation.

In the past, many Pakistani female spies have been honey-trap.

It is noteworthy that even before this, many Pakistani female spies have honey-trap Indian Army personnel and employees by trapping them in their nets. Their list is quite long. Many jawans trapped in honeytrap have already been caught. All this work is done through social media.


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