Moose wala Murder Case

Moose wala Murder Case: New things are coming out everyday in the Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala Murder Case. Now the police have detained 2 people in this case. One of them is accused of being present in the murder and the other of bringing weapons to the shooters.

Moose wala Murder Case : Police is making new revelations every day from the murder case of Punjab’s famous singer Sidhu Moosewala. Now the police have detained 2 people in this case. At the same time, Punjab Police has also sent a proposal to issue a red corner notice against terrorist Harvinder Singh Rinda.

Both were caught from Bathinda

In the Siddha Moosewala murder case, the police have detained two people named Keshav and Chetan. The police have caught them from Bathinda. Keshav is alleged to have brought weapons to the shooters from Amritsar. At the same time, Chetan is accused that he was present in the murder of Punjabi singer along with Sandeep Kekra.

Red corner notice against Harvinder Singh

At the same time, in the same case, Punjab Police has now sent a proposal to CBI to issue a Red Corner Notice against terrorist Harvinder Singh Rinda Sandhu after gangster Goldie Brar.

Saurabh arrested from Pune

Let us inform that earlier in the Moosewala murder case, Delhi Police had arrested Saurabh alias Mahakal from Pune. The police had said that Saurabh alias Mahakal is an aide of the shooter. The murder was carried out under a well-planned conspiracy. Its preparation was going on for several days.

lawrence bishnoi mastermind

At the same time, Delhi Police had also clarified that Lawrence Bishnoi is the mastermind, investigation is going on against him. Police also said that 5 shooters have been identified. At the same time, while telling about Saurabh Mahakal, the police had said that he was not involved in the murder of Musewala. He was close to the shooter involved in the murder.


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