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Samastipur News: A matter of shame to humanity has come to the fore under the Nitish Kumar government, which talks about zero tolerance on corruption in Bihar. This is such an event after seeing that people start losing faith in humanity. Talking about Samastipur, people became emotional after seeing their parents begging.

Samastipur News: Many such cases come to the fore every day in the country, which seem as if humanity has ended from the world. One such case has come to the fore from the state of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, popularly known as Sushashan Babu.

Where people’s eyes were terrified after seeing a sad parent. Here the talk of an employee of Samastipur Sadar Hospital, who demanded Rs 50000 in lieu of handing over the body of a child to his parents. Therefore, the families suffering from the sting of poverty had to beg.

shocking story

The story of this couple, already broken by the shock of the son’s death, is shocking, because here a parent has to beg for the son’s body. Are the claims of the schemes being run by the Bihar government and the promptness of the administrative officers so hollow that where a father can be so compelled that he has to beg for the dead body of the son.

This story is not only of Bihar, but is the hallmark of that corrupt and rotten system, which these parents have no words to describe. The silence of this unlucky father of Samastipur is screaming and saying those things, knowing which there is no other option but to be ashamed.

Video went viral on social media

The video of parents begging is viral on social media. The matter is of June 7 two days ago. Mahesh Thakur’s mentally challenged son was missing since May 25. Meanwhile, on June 7, it was learned that a dead body was found in the neighboring area. When the parents reached the Sadar Hospital to collect the body of their son, the postmortem personnel refused to show the dead body.

After adding a lot of hands and feet, when he showed the dead body, the father recognized his son. Surprisingly, the hospital worker demanded 50 thousand rupees instead of giving the dead body.

Announcement of investigation of the case

The helpless father pleaded for giving the dead body citing himself being poor but he did not agree. Eventually the helpless parents were forced to beg. When the video of begging went viral, the hospital administration lost its sleep and they hurriedly sent the corpse to the parents’ house by autopsy. When the matter caught fire, the hospital administration has announced to form an inquiry committee.


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