Adah Sharma On Endometriosis Diagnosis : Ada Sharma had this serious disease, her period lasted for 48 days

Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma On Endometriosis Diagnosis: Adah Sharma has told that during the film ‘Bastar The Naxal Story’, she fell victim to a disease called endometriosis and her period lasted for 48 days.

Adah Sharma On Endometriosis Diagnosis: Bollywood actress Adah Sharma has surprised fans by making a big disclosure related to herself. The Kerala Story actress has recently told that during the shooting of the film ‘Bastar’, her periods lasted for 48 days. Whereas this does not usually happen with women. She became a victim of a disease called endometriosis due to physical transformation for the role.

Adah Sharma is constantly busy in films and series. She has talked about many of her previous series and films. She still has many projects and she is constantly doing films and series. Obviously, for these projects, she had to prepare her body according to the character.

The actress was recently in the news for her film ‘Bastar: The Naxal Story’ which was released in March. Now the actress talked about her physical health in an interview. She told that her period was not ending. She kept bleeding continuously for 48 days.

She was a victim of a disease called endometriosis

The actress told ‘Hindustan Times’, “I needed different bodies for these films. For The Kerala Story, in the first part, I had to be thin and slim, so that I could look like a college girl. For Commando, I had to be strong, for Sunflower, I was playing the role of a bar dancer, so I had to look sensual. While for Bastar, I had to look big, because the producers wanted my personality to be that of a person who is in charge and controlling.”

Sharing the experience of shooting in Bastar, the actress said, “I ate about 10 to 12 bananas a day because the makers wanted me to gain weight, but at the same time I should not become unfit. There was a lot of action in the film. I also had to be really strong because we had real guns weighing eight kilos, moving up and down rocky terrain and mountains. Nuts, dried fruits and lots of flax seed laddoos… I keep them with me all the time and eat two of them half an hour before I go to sleep.”

The back was in a very bad condition

The actress adds, ‘In real life, when you do weight training, you are very careful. You breathe carefully, but on a shoot you are constantly moving, because we were fighting a war in the film. My pelvis slipped and I had a serious back problem. I have been a gymnast all my life and I have always been proud of the flexibility of my back. But, in this case, my back was in a very bad condition and the film was stressful.”


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