Bhojpuri Song: The video of Bhojpuri singer Shilpi Raj’s painful song ‘Barbad Kaise Hokhal Jala’ has been released. Actress Shweta Mahara is giving a banging performance on her song.

Bhojpuri Song: There is only one name echoing in Bhojpuri music industry these days and that name is none other than trending singer Shilpi Raj. He is getting a lot of dominance on the internet. Everyday some song of Bhojpuri world is seen making a splash on social media.

But today it seems that only and only Shilpi Raj’s dance is playing on the internet. That’s why Shilpi Raj’s songs are getting millions of views. Recently, four songs of Shilpi Raj have crossed the 100 million mark.

Also, his and actress Shweta Mahara’s latest song ‘Silvatiya’ (Bhojpuri Song Silvatiya) has crossed the 8 million mark.

Now once again on the official YouTube channel of Worldwide Records, a new song of this pair is rocking the internet. The lyrics of this song are, ‘Barbad Kaise Hokhal Jala’, which is getting loads of love and blessings from the audience.

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The song has been shot at a rich location. In this, Shilpi Raj is also seen in between with the actress, who is adding beauty to the song. Vijay Chauhan has written this from the depths of his heart.

All her songs are the biggest hit songs of today, with the beauty with which this song has been written, Shweta has also given a performance in it.

Lyrics of ‘Barbad Kaise Hokhal Jala’ are written by Vijay Chauhan, while music is composed by Arya Sharma. Its producer is Ratnakar Kumar. Directed by Bhojpuriia.

The WWR team is doing the promotion. At the same time, the choreography is of Goldie and Bobby. It has been edited by Meet ji.

Let us tell you that Shilpi Raj has given many hit songs like ‘Kala Sari’, ‘Godanwa’, ‘Badarwa’, ‘Kajarwa’, ‘Najarwa’, ‘Relia Re’ in association with Worldwide Records. Along with this, Shilpi Raj has given her melodious voice to almost all the songs of the upcoming Bhojpuri film ‘Pankh’.

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