Chadhal jawani rasgulla

Chadhal jawani rasgulla Song: These days a song of Bhojpuri cinema artist Neel Kamal Singh is going viral and people are giving a lot of love to it. The title of that song is ‘Chadhal Jawaani Rasgulla’ and Namrata Malla has added a touch of bold style to it, which is why it has joined the 100 million club.

#Chadal Jawaani Rasgulla | #Neelkamal Singh & #Shilpi Raj | #Namrita Malla | Chadhal jawani rasgulla Song: Superstar Neelkamal Singh and Shilpi Raj’s sensational song ‘Chadhal Jawaani Rasgulla’ has made a record. This song has entered the club of 100 million i.e. 10 crores. More than 100,369,338 people have watched this song so far and this song is also becoming very viral.

The song ‘Chadhal Jawaani Rasgulla’ was released in May from the official YouTube of T-series Hamar Bhojpuri. The song created a stir as soon as it was released. As beautiful as this song is, its music video is equally amazing. In the music video of the song, Bhojpuri industry’s sizzling actress Namrata Malla is seen attracting people with her style, while Neelkamal Singh is also seen having a lot of fun in this song. This video has received 10 crore views in 5 months.

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The song ‘Chadhal Jawaani Rasgulla’ is completely a commercial song and the sensation in this song has made it popular among Bhojpuri music lovers. The song is still being watched a lot in real time. Sonu Srivastava, project manager of T-Series Hamar Bhojpuri, expressed happiness for this huge success of the song and said that touching the figure of 100 million is a big thing.

The song ‘Chadhal Jawaani Rasgulla’ did this. This clearly shows that if the presentation of songs is done in a restrained and manner then people will like the song very much. T-Series understands the preferences of its audience and believes in bringing songs for them in their own way, on which today people have given their stamp of approval by giving so much love.

There is no doubt that Neelkamal Singh, Namrata Malla and Shilpi Raj are good artists of this industry, but the public has made them even bigger by giving love and blessings in this song.

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He said that T-Series respects art and artists, whether they are big artists or small artists. This is the reason why we are giving opportunity to everyone through our platform and everyone is giving one better presentation than the other. We would just appeal to the Bhojpuri audience that you should continue to love and trust us and our team, we will continue to bring such entertaining songs for you.

Let us tell you that the lyricist of the song “Chadhal Jawaani Rasgulla” is Ashutosh Tiwari. The composer is Priyanshu Singh. The director is Lucky Vishwakarma. The choreographer is also Lucky Vishwakarma. PRO is Ranjan Sinha. DOP are Rahul Yadav and Ravi Kumar. The makeup and hair team is Deeksha Tripathi, Kala Babbu, EP Kishan, production head Jai Tiwari and assistants Suresh Patel and Anish.


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