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Justin Bieber: Justin Bieber has revealed that he has suffered a paralysis attack on his face and is currently fighting a battle against this dreaded disease.

Justin Bieber: The world’s famous pop singer Justin Bieber recently announced to tour many countries of the world for the promotion of his album ‘Justice’. However, a few days later, the singer postponed the tour. On hearing this news, his fans were very disappointed.

Meanwhile, Singer shared a video on his social media and explained the reason behind it. In this video, 28-year-old Justin Bieber has revealed that he has suffered a paralysis attack on his face and he is fighting a battle with this dreaded disease these days. In the video, he has also asked his fans to remember him in prayers.

Talking about his illness in the video, the singer said- ‘I want to tell you all, what is going on. As you can see on my face I am not able to blink my eye. From this side I am not even able to laugh, my nose is not moving.

Singer further said- ‘I have got a disease called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. I have got this disease because of a virus, which is attacking my ears and the nerves in my face and due to this I have completely paralysis on one side of my face.

Singer said ‘I will get back soon’

Justin Bieber further said, ‘Some fans are disappointed because of my show being cancelled. But I want to tell them that I cannot physically perform on stage at this time. I hope you guys understand and I do. I am taking rest and relaxation right now so that I can recover 100 percent and come back and do what I was born to do.

Fans are wishing for a speedy recovery

Ever since the video surfaced, Justin’s fans have been commenting and wishing him a speedy recovery. One user commented and wrote – ‘Justin, don’t worry about the show. Your fans only care about your health.

I am praying for you. I am sure you will get well soon and be back on stage. We are always with you. Apart from this, many people are commenting and praying for the singer to be healthy.

What is Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a serious disease. In this, painful rashes come out around the ear, on the face or on the mouth of the patient. This disease is caused by the varicella zoster virus which infects the nerves of the head.


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