Malaika Arora Bold Video

Malaika Arora Bold Video: Malaika Arora was recently spotted by Paparaji. The look of the actress has been overshadowed on social media during this period. However, due to this look of Malaika, she has also faced troll on social media.

Malaika Arora Bold Video: Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is dominated by her superbold style. As soon as Malaika Arora leaves from the house, it gets covered on social media. One look of the actress has a lot of discussion on social media. Now it is such that a new look of Malaika has come out on social media, which has been covered in minutes.

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Malaika Arora’s look

Actually, Malaika Arora recently was spotted going to her mother’s house. During this time, the actress was seen in a casual look. But he kept the button on the top of the shirt, which was giving this look more bold touch. The actress completed her look with denim jeans and sneakers.


Malaika Arora is getting trolled

While fans find this style of Malaika very tremendous, some social media users are trolling Malaika. Trolls say that Malaika forgot to close the button of this shirt. This video of Malaika Arora is becoming very fast.

Malaika Arora is 48 years old

The actress is looking very hot in this look too. Seeing this look of the actress, people cannot even guess that she is 48 years old. Even today, Malaika can give a tough fight to any actress with her fitness and bold looks.


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