Most Expensive Bhojpuri Actress:

Most Expensive Bhojpuri Actress: From Amrapali Dubey, Rani Chatterjee, Nidhi Jha to Akshara Singh… Now everyone speaks loudly about all these Bhojpuri actresses. This is the reason that now every actress charges in lakhs. But can you tell who is the most expensive actress of Bhojpuri cinema.

Most Expensive Bhojpuri Actress: Bhojpuri cinema is slowly but surely making its own identity. Bhojpuri films, which were once confined only to Bihar and UP, and the artists working in them, have now made a special identity in foreign countries. His actors are making a splash in social media to Bigg Boss house.

That is, overall the golden days of Bhojpuri cinema have come. Now that the films are doing such a good collection, then it is also imperative to increase the fees of the artists. So do you know who is the most expensive actress of Bhojpuri cinema at this time? No sir… Neither Amrapali Dubey nor Rani Chatterjee, but at this time there is someone else who is charging the highest fees.

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Amrapali and Rani have been ruling over the industry for years

While Amrapali Dubey has been in Bhojpuri industry for 8 years, Rani Chatterjee has remained the queen of Bhojpuri cinema for years. Both these actresses have worked with almost every superhit actor of Bhojpuri cinema. So they charge lakhs of rupees for each project.

And she has also been the most expensive actress in the industry, but now there is someone who has overtaken her in terms of earning. There is someone who has doubled her fees overnight and has become Bhojpuri’s most expensive actress and this is none other than Akshara Singh.

Akshara Singh doubles her fee

Yes… sometime back Akshara Singh has doubled her fee. Earlier, where she used to charge 15 to 20 lakh rupees for a film, now she is charging 30 to 40 lakh rupees, which is the highest among all the actresses till date. Akshara Singh’s popularity increased when she appeared in Bigg Boss OTT.


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