Neha Bhasin Hot Look

Neha Bhasin Hot Look: Neha Bhasin’s new look is grabbing everyone’s attention on social media. In this latest look, the singer is seen in such a revealing dress that everyone was stunned to see her.

Neha Bhasin Hot Look: Neha Bhasin made headlines due to the famous singer and revealing dressage more than her game in ‘Bigg Boss Season 15’. Neha Bhasin’s bold look was seen by the audience in Bigg Boss, now Neha has become bolder than that. The proof of this is this video of the actress.

In this video, Neha Bhasin came to the award function wearing such an open dress that everyone was stunned to see her. Not only this, Neha also started dancing in front of the camera wearing this revealing dress. This video of the actress is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Wearing an over-revealing dress

In this video, Neha Bhasin is seen wearing a revealing dress that is braless. The neck of this dress of the actress is more than the limit, while this dress is backless besides Thai slit. Not only this, Neha Bhasin was seen flaunting this revealing dress in front of the camera.

danced wearing a bold dress

Neha Bhasin wearing this dress also started dancing in front of the camera. Seeing the singer doing this, everyone’s senses were blown away. But Neha Bhasin did not hesitate to do so at all.

Users are making such comments

The video of this bold look of Neha Bhasin came into the limelight after seeing it on social media. One user commented- ‘Where has Kim Kardashian’s aunt’s girl come today.’ On the other hand, another user wrote – ‘Which tailor gets such a dress sewn?’

Discussions of boldness more than songs

After Bigg Boss, more than Neha Bhasin’s songs, now her boldness is discussed everywhere. Whenever Neha is imprisoned in the paparazzi’s camera for some time, her bold look becomes viral.

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