Parivartan Trailer: The trailer video of Bhojpuri actor Samar Singh and Amrapali Dubey’s upcoming film ‘Parivartan’ (Samaj Mein Parivartan) has been released. Their video is going viral.

Parivartan Trailer: Samar Singh, the desi star of Bhojpuri cinema, is celebrating his 36th birthday today (Samar Singh Birthday Celebration). He was born on June 12, 1986 in Mehnagar, Amjgarh. In such a situation, on the occasion of his birthday, the makers have given a big and banging gift to the fans.

The trailer video of the actor’s upcoming film ‘Parivartan’ (Samaj Mein Parivartan) has been released. People were eagerly waiting for this movie of his. In this, actress Amrapali Dubey is in the lead role with him. Fans are quite excited to see the pair romancing on screen.

The trailer video of Bhojpuri film ‘Parivartan’ (Samaj Mein Parivartan) has been released from the YouTube channel of Samar Film Entertainment. It is being seen in this that Amrapali (Amrapali Dubey) is married to Samar Singh and in that village girls are banned from studies to their independence.

The girls of that village cannot go to study nor can they take any decision of their own free will. Seeing all this, the actress is shocked and then the story of ‘Parivartan’ begins. There is also a fight between her and Samar Singh for this, but the actress does not give up.

She makes a lot of efforts to turn the eyes of the politicians and administration towards the village and is seen teaching self-defense to the girls. Apart from this, the actress can be seen in action mode for the first time in the trailer of the film.

Bhojpuri film ‘Parivartan’ has been produced under the banner of Ayushi Cine Entertainment. It is directed by writer-director Dheeraj Thakur. Its producer is Shubha Singh.

The songs written by its lyricists Dheeraj Thakur, Yadav Raj, Madhukar Anand, Satya Savarkar, Santosh Utpati have been decorated with melodious music by music composers Madhukar Anand, Sajan Mishra, Roshan Singh. Singer Samar Singh, Shilpi Raj, Priyanka Singh, Vijay Chauhan, Aryan Rajkumar, Alok Kumar have given a sweet voice to the songs.

The film’s DOP is Khushdeep Singh, editor Deepak Jaul, action master Pradeep Khadka, Shravan Kumar, choreographer Kanu Mukherjee, art director Pawan Sharma. EP Arshad Sheikh (Pappu), Manoj Gupta, Dress Designer Nanu are Fashion Designer, Sound Designer Pinky Jha, Priyanshu Raj.

DI and VFX by Kishan Rai. Publicity Design by Prashant Behera. The main actors of the film are Samar Singh, Amrapali Dubey, Sanjay Pandey, Prakash Jais, Raj Premi, Vinod Mishra, KK Goswami, Ramesh Dubey, Lota Tiwari, JP Singh, Neelam Pandey, Shraddha Naval, Bablu Khan, Chandra Prakash Tiwari, Chandrakant Yadav etc. Will be seen


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