Sapna Chaudhary Arrested

Sapna Chaudhary Arrested: Famous dancer Sapna Chaudhary has been taken into custody by the Lucknow court. Let us tell you that in an old case, Sapna herself has surrendered. Let us know about this in detail..

Sapna Chaudhary Arrested: Haryanvi dancer Sapna Chaudhary, who wins hearts with her bold dance moves and killer acts, has herself been taken into the custody of the law today. Please tell that due to an old case, Sapna Chaudhary has surrendered and after this she has been taken into custody by the Lucknow court. A case of fraud was registered against Sapna Chaudhary and due to this this action has been taken. Why Sapna Choudhary was taken into custody, what was the matter after all and what will happen next, let’s know everything..

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Sapna Chaudhary detained by Lucknow court

For your information, let us tell you that due to a case of fraud in 2018, dancer Sapna Chaudhary was taken into custody. Let us tell you that Sapna has surrendered in this case and on Monday she secretly reached the court of ACJM-5 Shantanu Tyagi where she was to be produced. There was also an arrest warrant against Sapna regarding this case, but within a short time the court has issued an order to return that warrant and also freed Sapna from custody.

Sapna was detained due to this case in 2018

If you are wondering what was the matter that led to so much, then let us tell you that on October 13, 2018, a show of Sapna Choudhary was to be organized for which tickets were sold both online and offline. People were waiting a lot for this show but Sapna did not come there and that’s why people raised their voice about the return of money. For this, a person, Firoz Khan, had filed a case against Sapna Chaudhary and five more people.

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