Top Bhojpuri Actress Fees

Top Bhojpuri Actress Fees : Bhojpuri cinema has also not been left behind in any sense today. Like Bollywood, Bhojpuri artists who are slowly going to the umbrella now charge a hefty price for their work.

Top Bhojpuri Actress Fees : Especially the actress of Bhojpuri cinema. Who is giving competition to Bollywood actress in beauty, style, but where does she stand in terms of earning and who is the most expensive Bhojpuri actress, let’s tell you.

Amrapali Dubey: Amrapali Dubey is one of the most talked-about actresses of Bhojpuri at this time, who steals everyone’s heart with her beauty. Amrapali has worked with every big star of Bhojpuri, but most of all her pair was frozen with Nirhua. Amrapali has become so famous in a career of just 7-8 years in the industry that it charges 25 to 30 lakh rupees for a film. (Photo – Social Media)

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Rani Chatterjee: Rani Chatterjee is very popular and now she has also entered the world of OTT. Rani Chatterjee has shared the screen with more than one star. Talking about her fees there, according to media reports, she also takes 25-30 lakh rupees for a film. (Photo – Social Media.

Akshara Singh: If we talk about fees, then it is Akshara Singh who has become the most expensive actress of Bhojpuri at this time. Have doubled your fee. It is being said that now she is charging Rs 30-40 lakh.

Pakhi Hegde: Pakhi Hegde has also established her feet in the acting world and she is becoming a well-known face of Bhojpuri cinema. Pakhi is also considered to be the boldest actress of Bhojpuri. For Pakhi lowest film or any project, this actress charges only Rs 10-12 lakhs. (Photo – Social Media)



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