Who is Paper Queen Apeksha Rai:

Who is Paper Queen Apeksha Rai: You have seen the fashion of Urfi Javed. Every time this beauty does something which is beyond the thinking of people. But there is someone who seems to be overshadowing Urfi and everyone knows her as the Paper Queen.

Who is Paper Queen Apeksha Rai: Urfi Javed’s fashion is also amazing. Sometimes she sticks a pool on her body and sometimes wears a dress made from her pictures. Outfits made of glass, sometimes blades are no less than the player of dangers, Urfi Javed is. Urfi is not just called a stylish diva. Every time she seems to impress people with her unique style. But there is someone who is giving competition to Urfi too and Urfi herself is also surprised to see her fashion. Let us tell you what we are talking about.

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Who is this paper queen?

Urfi Javed shared a picture on his Insta story in which a girl is seen wearing a dress made of newspaper. While sharing this picture, Urfi has written – ‘This girl definitely has some skill’, while we were also surprised when we checked the Instagram of this girl.

The name of this girl is Apeksha Rai who wears a dress made of newspaper and makes her reels and posts them. There are many videos of her on Instagram in which she is sometimes wearing a gown made of newspaper, sometimes a sari, sometimes a skirt and sometimes a frock and everyone is surprised to see her talent. This girl has described herself as a paper queen, public figure and fashion designer.

So you have seen… that’s why a newspaper sold at a low price comes in many uses. If there is no electricity, then air it, increase the knowledge by reading, people also use the newspaper for laying it. But this girl has made a newspaper dress by showing her talent and is also promoting it well on social media.


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