Muslims Ghar Wapsi into Hinduism

Muslims Ghar Wapsi into Hinduism: Radicals are constantly being exposed to the ruckus happening in the country and the world against the alleged insult of the Prophet. After these incidents came to the fore, now many people have started getting disillusioned with Islam.

Muslims Ghar Wapsi into Hinduism: The way miscreants created a ruckus in the whole country after the prayer on Friday in protest against the alleged insult of the Prophet. With this, the eyes of those who believe in Islam as a religion of peace have started opening.

Alam is that now people have started making up their mind to return to Sanatan Dharma (Ghar Wapsi) gradually by breaking away from the fundamentalist Islam religion. On Friday, 18 Muslims in Madhya Pradesh became Hindus by giving up Islam.

He became a Hindu by shaving his beard and setting his burqa on fire.

According to the report, this matter has come up in Ratlam district of Madhya Pradesh. This incident came to the fore in Amba village of Ratlam district on Friday. The men rejected Islam forever by cutting off their beards and the women by setting the burqa on fire.

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In this Ghar Wapsi, which took place under the guidance of Swami Anandgiri Maharaj, the head of the family became Mohammad Shah Ram Singh. While Shabnam changed her name to Saraswati.

After Ghar vapasi, people raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram

During this homecoming, all the people were bathed with cow urine and made to wear Janeu. After this all the people raised slogans of Jai Mahakal and Sanatan Dharma ki Jaighosh. During this, Ram Singh’s son Mausam Shah was given the new name Arun, Shahrukh Shah was given Sanjay Singh, Nazar Ali Shah was given Rajesh Singh and Nawab Shah was given Mukesh Singh.

While wife Shayar Bi was named as Shayra Bai, Shabnam as Saraswati Bai and grandson Hero as Sawan Singh. The second member of the family, Hussain Shah, was given the new name of Dharamvir Singh, his wife Asha Bi as Asha Bai. Similarly, Arun Shah was named as Karan Singh, wife Meenu Bi as Meena Bai, Raju Shah as Raju Singh and wife Ranjita as Ranjita Bai.

3 generations ago, Muslims left Hinduism and became

After naming, the head of the family, Mohammad Shah alias Ram Singh, told that he roams around selling herbs. His descendants had left Hinduism and became Muslims 2-3 generations ago. But there was constant confusion in his mind. It is the complete opposite of what is said about Islam.

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Things like humanity, love for the country are not even to be found in it. There was a strange uneasiness in the whole family for many years. Couldn’t understand what to do.

Wanted to become a Hindu by meeting Swami Anandagiri

After this, he met Swami Anandagiri during the Maha Shivpuran recitation held in the village and expressed his desire to return home to Sanatan Dharma. After knowing his wish, Swamiji asked Mohammad Shah to get the affidavit prepared legally.

After this affidavit was made, he adopted Sanatan Dharma under the guidance of Swamiji. He said that Islam is not a religion at all. That is another name for bigotry. Ram Singh said that he will now be able to make a good life for his children by returning to Sanatan Dharma.


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