Face Care

Face Care: If you do not clean your face before sleeping, then you may face many problems. This can also cause pimples on your skin, know how to take care of the face.

Face Care: If you exercise your face for only three minutes before sleeping, then you will get the best results. This will keep your face fresh and your eyes will not look tired.

In the changing environment, finding time for yourself has become a very difficult task. This is the reason that often we are not able to pay attention to maintain our beauty. Due to today’s work style, many people do not get time.

But getting three minutes out of your life will not be a difficult task. Because in just three minutes you can maintain your face. All you have to do is to exercise your face for three minutes before sleeping. So let’s know what are the exercises, which if you do three minutes before sleeping, then you will get immediate benefits.

Results will be visible immediately, you will feel fresh

If you exercise your face for just 3 minutes before going to bed at night, then you will see the result very satisfactory. By doing this, you will feel refreshed, your skin will look healthy every morning.

Massage near the eyes

First, gently massage your face with a cream near the eyes. This will give some rest to tired eyes throughout the day and you will feel refreshed. Because like your body throughout the day, the eyes also get tired, due to which tiredness is seen in it.

do neck massage

Your neck also gets tired while working in the office throughout the day. In such a situation, if possible, do exercise of the northern too. For this, first you have to go to the top of your neck with your hands. After that it has to be mashed slowly. Exercising like this for 30 seconds daily will definitely benefit you.

Massage around the mouth

It is very important to massage near the mouth. Therefore, first of all, take your hand on your face and slowly massage it around your mouth with the cream. By doing this daily, you will get immediate benefits.


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