Monkeypox New Symptoms

Monkeypox New Symptoms: Some of its new symptoms have also been told in a research recently published in the e-Clinical Medicine Journal. These symptoms are such that you may be disturbed to hear about it. Let us know what are its new symptoms.

Monkeypox New Symptoms: The number of patients of monkeypox virus is increasing day by day. This virus has now reached most of the countries of the world. As its patients are increasing, so are its new symptoms. So far its main symptoms are blisters in the body and other symptoms are like the flu, but recently a research published in the journal e-Clinical Medicine has also told about some of its new symptoms. These symptoms are such that you may be disturbed to hear about it. Let us know what are its new symptoms.

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Monkeypox New Symptoms: Neurological complications dangerous

According to the researchers, some time ago, during the research, the effect of small pox on the brain was checked. Also, the effect of the virus was seen in people vaccinated against small pox. During this, many types of neurological complications were found in people.

After this, scientists tried to know the effect of monkeypox on the brain. During this it was found that 2-3% of people with monkeypox become seriously ill and have seizures (seizures) and inflammation of the brain (encephalitis). Here it is important for you to know that encephalitis is a condition in which the patient can be disabled for life.

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Monkeypox New Symptoms: Headache and fatigue problem

During this research, data from other studies on monkeypox was also checked. Scientists said that confusion was found in some people suffering from this. Not only this, many people suffering from the disease also showed neurological symptoms like headache, muscle pain and fatigue. However, it is not clear in the research how long these symptoms last. Research is needed about the percentage of patients with psychiatric problems, such as anxiety and depression.

Still more research needed

Scientists involved in the study say that all neurological and psychiatric symptoms are seen during monkeypox infection, but whether the virus is behind them or not, it is not yet confirmed. More study is going on to confirm this.

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