6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Nepal : On Friday night, Nepal was struck by a powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake, with intense tremors reverberating across northern India, including the Delhi-NCR region, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. According to the National Centre for Seismology (NCS), the seismic event occurred at 11:32 pm, originating from a depth of 10 kilometers.

6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Nepal : Officials at the National Earthquake Measurement Centre reported that the epicenter of this earthquake was located in Nepal’s Jajarkot district, specifically in the Lamidanda area.

This recent earthquake is part of a series of seismic activities that have affected the Delhi-NCR region. Just a few days earlier, on October 22, Nepal experienced a 6.1-magnitude earthquake with its epicenter in Dhading, and its tremors were also felt in the Delhi-NCR area.

On October 15, the Delhi-NCR region felt the effects of a 3.1-magnitude earthquake striking Haryana.

Prior to these events, a sequence of earthquakes in Nepal on October 3 resulted in strong tremors being felt in various parts of northern India, including Delhi and its surroundings. The most powerful of these earthquakes measured 6.2 on the Richter scale.

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Ajay Paul, a seismologist formerly associated with the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, noted that the epicenter of the recent earthquake is close to the location of the October 3 quakes in Nepal. He identified this region as an “active energy-releasing sector” within the central belt of Nepal, emphasizing the need for vigilance and preparedness for future seismic events.

Reports from Nepal indicate that some individuals sustained injuries during the earthquake, as ambulances rushed to provide medical assistance. A video from Jajarkot, the earthquake’s epicenter, captured the late-night arrival of an ambulance as people hurried to seek treatment for the injured.

There were also reports of structural damage, with images showing walls of houses cracking due to the earthquake’s impact.


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