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Aditya L1 undergoes fourth earth-bound: Aditya L1 Mission Solar Mission 15 September

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Aditya L1 undergoes fourth earth-bound: ISRO has sent Aditya L-1 a little further away from the earth at around 2.15 am on 15 September. Its orbit has been changed for the fourth time. The distance of the Sun has further decreased. In this way it is rotating in an elliptical orbit of 256 km x 121973 km.

Aditya L1 undergoes fourth earth-bound: Indian Space Agency ISRO has now moved one step further in its ambitious mission to explore the Sun. In its latest success, the agency has successfully completed the task of raising the Earth orbit of Aditya L1 for the fourth time in the early hours of today. After reducing some more distance from the sun, Aditya L1 is now 256 km. x 121973 km. A new orbit has been achieved.

What will Aditya L1 do on 19th September, why can that night be heavy?

ISRO has informed about the completion of this important milestone in a post shared on social media company X. According to the information, ISRO ground stations in Mauritius, Bengaluru, SDSC-SHAR and Port Blair tracked Aditya L1 during this operation.

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After this Aditya L1 was covered by 256 km. x 121973 km. A new orbit has been achieved. ISRO has said that the next orbit change operation of Aditya L1 is scheduled on September 19 at around 2 pm.

This process is being called EBN#5. That will be its last orbit maneuver around the Earth. The orbit around the Earth is being changed so that it can attain such a speed that it can easily complete the further journey. After this, our spacecraft will move towards the L1 point towards the Sun i.e. Lorenz Point, which is a balanced gravitational place between the Earth and the Sun.

Further, it will travel for about 109 days in Hello Orbit. It is being told that the next phase of moving from the Earth towards the Sun can be very difficult. In such a situation, now everyone’s eyes are fixed on the next process to be held on 19th September.

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When will we get the first picture of the sun?

According to information received from ISRO, the first picture of the Sun from Aditya-L1 can be obtained in February or March next year. The VELC installed in the mission will take HD photos of the Sun. After completing the journey till L1, all the payloads installed in Aditya will be switched on. That means all the instruments present in it will become active. After which he will start his work and start studying the sun. It is noteworthy that before this Aditya had sent his selfie mid-way. India’s prestige in the space world has further increased due to the success of ISRO in all its phases so far.

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