Agnipath Scheme

Agneepath scheme: Lightning fell on the dreams of the youth preparing for recruitment for 5-5 years that recruitment will happen and retirement will happen in 4 years. This thing has become so much in their hearts and minds that nothing is visible except suicide.

Agneepath Scheme: The displeasure of the Agneepath scheme has started increasing among the youth preparing for recruitment in the army. On June 14, this scheme was announced by the central government that the soldiers would now be called Agniveers, but the future Agniveers did not like this.

Lightning fell on the dreams of the young men preparing for recruitment for 5-5 years that the recruitment would take place for another 4 years. I will retire soon. This thing has become so much in their hearts and minds that nothing is visible except suicide.

23 year old youth commits suicide

23-year-old Sachin Lather, a resident of Jind, probably found this step the easiest. Joining the army is not just a matter of job. This matter was related to the dream of Sachin, which was giving him the feeling of dying in the name of the country, so he was forced to sweat in the field. But now he has ended his life by taking himself out of that field race.

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Son wanted to join army like father

The son of the retired army, like his father, had decorated the dream of joining the army. About 3 years ago from Jind to Rohtak, Sachin had come with the same dream that he would also make his own strand in the name of the country. His passion and courage to do the same thing took his life today.

Sachin hanged himself in the PG of Dev Colony. When friends came to wake him up for practice in the morning, they came to know that now Sachin will never be able to go to practice. Sachin’s father Satyapal, a resident of Lajwana Kalan, Jind, does not blame anyone in this. He says that he is also retired from the army as a soldier. It was just his son’s time.

Grief among family and friends

Let us tell you that Sachin was the youngest among 6 siblings, he did not have a mother. Father had retired as a soldier. Sachin, who talked with the most laughs, thought that he would be forced to take such a step.

Aunt could not hold back her tears. Mourning over Sachin’s death, Aunty told that his nephew was living in Rohtak’s Dev Colony PG. His recruitment was also clear, then why did he take such a dreadful step.

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Apart from family members, friends were not able to handle themselves. Friends, who accompanied Sachin everywhere from the academy to practice, did not like his serious and calm face today. Friends said that Sachin was not only hardworking, but he was also naughty.

‘What will the youth do after 4 years?’

Sachin’s brother told that he had cleared both medical and physical in Goa recruitment. Was waiting, now just for interview and selection. The youth are so obsessed with the recruitment of the army that they do not see anything other than the selection.

At least he should think of his family before taking such a dreadful step. He did not want to join the army for only 4 years through the Agneepath scheme. After all, what will the youth do after those 4 years have passed? Has anyone thought what will be the effect on the morale of 75% of the youth who will be expelled.

Government counting the benefits of the scheme

The government is leaving no stone unturned in enumerating the benefits of Agneepath scheme, but except these future Agniveers, there is no path in this Agneepath of Agni.

The youth, who are preparing for different recruitment with Sachin, told that the government wants to silence the youth by giving them 4 years of candy. When the youth asked for recruitment from the government, instead of recruitment, the government gave Agneepath.

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Does the Modi government want the farmer’s son to remain a farmer? Where will the youth be able to get a job after 4 years, neither will he be able to take interest in studies again nor in any private firm.

After being expelled from the army after 4 years, when he goes to a company in search of a job, will no one ask him that there will be some deficiency in you if you do not join in 25%, then your rate i.e. your salary will be less.

So in this way the price of soldiers can also fall in the private sector. What a rule has come that in the hearts and minds of the youth, instead of profit, loss has made their way home.

It was said by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh that the army would be youthful through Agneepath scheme, but the Defense Minister might not know how the army would be youthful without youth. But now the patience of the youth has run out. The dams of their patience have been broken.


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