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Allegations On Bhupesh Baghel in Mahadev App Case : BJP has cornered CM Bhupesh Baghel on the matter of Mahadev App. Smriti Irani has accused CM Baghel of taking bribe of Rs 508 crore.

Allegations On Bhupesh Baghel in Mahadev App Case : Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel seems to be stuck regarding the Mahadev App issue. Today Union Minister Smriti Irani made serious allegations against CM Baghel. Irani said that according to ED, a bribe of Rs 508 crore has been given to Bhupesh Baghel. The promoters of Mahadev App have also donated money. The Congress government has played the game of power by looting the poor. Money was recovered from Aseem Das during the raid. Is it true that Aseem Das was told from Dubai that he had to pay money to Bhupesh Baghel?

Sharp questions to Bhupesh Baghel

Union Minister Smriti Irani said that more than Rs 5 crore money has been recovered from a person named Asim Das. Today I am asking all these questions to Bhupesh Baghel and the Congress Party. Is it true that money was recovered from Asim Das in Hotel Trident on 2 November? Is it true that Rs 15.50 crore from different bank accounts was frozen under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act?

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Bhupesh Baghel got bribe of Rs 508 crore?

Smriti Irani further said that this fact is shocking that about Shubham Soni, about whom Asim Das has given the statement, it is believed that the investigating agency also has evidence available in the voice of Shubham Soni. In a written statement, it has been said that the promoters of Mahadev App have given a bribe of Rs 508 crore to Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel.

What is Chandrabhushan Verma connection?

The Union Minister said that but this is not the only such information, but another shocking fact has come to light. The promoters of Mahadev Online Book App, who wanted protection from the administration and Congress leaders, also used to send protection money through an officer named Chandrabhushan Verma. Chandrabhushan Verma has so far handled Rs 65 crore as bribe.

Irani’s questions to Congress high command

Irani said that today I am asking all these questions to Bhupesh Baghel and the Congress high command. Asim Das has admitted in his statement that he came to Raipur from Dubai after getting the order. He had received orders to give money for the election expenses of Congress. Aseem Das admitted that the money is from Illegal Betting Operations of Mahadev App. Aseem Das confessed that Shubham is involved in the top level management of Soni Mahadev online app.

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