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Bihar Caste Census Report: After the release of the caste census report (Bihar Caste Census Report), Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that work will be done for the development of all sections on the basis of this report.

Bihar Caste Census Report: Caste census report card has been released in Bihar, due to which the political issue has also started heating up. Meanwhile, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has called an all-party meeting. It is being told that Nitish Kumar will discuss the figures with the parties and after that he can take some important decision.

Let us tell you that there are 234 small and big castes in Bihar, but in the caste survey, big castes were discussed and their number was kept at 214, while other words were used for the remaining castes. According to the report of Bihar government, the population of the state is 36 percent extremely backward class, 27 percent backward class, 19 percent scheduled caste, 14 percent population of Yadavs and 1.68 percent scheduled tribe population.

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What will be the next step after the caste census report?

After the release of the caste census report, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will hold a meeting with 9 parties on Tuesday and will be informed about the results of the caste based census. During this period, there will be discussion regarding the released caste census data.

After the release of the caste census report, Nitish Kumar said that on the basis of this report, work will be done for the development of all sections. He said, ‘Caste based census has not only revealed the castes, but has also given information about the economic condition of everyone. On this basis, further action will be taken for the development and upliftment of all sections.

What percentage of which caste in the population of Bihar?

Category Figure Percentage
Extremely Backward Class 3,54,63936 36.0148
 Backward Class 3,54,63936 27.1286
Scheduled Caste 2,56,89,820 19.6518
Unreserved 2,02,91,679 15.5224
Scheduled Tribe 21,99,361 1.6824
 Total 13,07,25,310 100%
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The decision of caste census was taken with the consent of 9 parties

Let us tell you that the proposal for caste based census (Bihar Caste Census) was passed unanimously in the Legislature. It was decided with the consent of all the 9 parties of the Bihar Assembly that the state government will conduct the caste-based census from its own resources and its approval was given by the Council of Ministers on June 2, 2022. On the basis of this, the state government has conducted caste based census from its own resources.

PM Modi targets Congress in Madhya Pradesh rally

The noise of caste census remained prevalent throughout the country including Bihar throughout the day on Monday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Madhya Pradesh on Monday for election campaign, but he also discussed the caste census here. PM Modi said that Congress used to divide people on caste lines earlier and is dividing people even today. Three hours after the caste census was released in Bihar, PM Modi said that anti-development divides on caste lines. Even today they are committing the same sin. The Congress, which had not released caste figures after the census in 2011, is now announcing that if it comes to power in 2014, it will conduct a census of castes across the country.

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