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Diplomatic recommendations climate change hate speech : Diplomatic discussions at the UN Human Rights Council Review unveil global calls to address climate change and combat hate speech. Insights from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka highlight recommendations for Canada amidst accusations and shifts in diplomatic relations.

Diplomatic recommendations climate change hate speech : A plea for global collaboration in addressing climate change emerged from Bangladesh, urging action to curtail carbon emissions and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change.

In a significant display of diplomatic engagement, India took the lead in proposing measures to fortify the safeguarding of worship places and combat hate speech within Canada. These recommendations were presented during the UN Human Rights Council Review, where diplomats from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka shared their insights and suggestions.

Mohammed Hussain, an Indian diplomat, highlighted Canada’s legislative strides, including the National Housing Strategy Act and the Accessible Canada Act, as he addressed the Council.

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At the meeting, Bangladesh diplomat Abdullah Al Forhad urged Canada to intensify efforts against racism, hate speech, hate crimes, and discrimination, particularly targeting migrants and Muslim minorities. Despite this call, Al Forhad commended Canada’s strides in human rights protection and combating human trafficking.

Al Forhad stressed, “We commend Canada’s substantial advancements in human rights protection. However, Bangladesh recommends a reinforced effort in combatting racism, hate speech, and discrimination, alongside necessary steps to reduce carbon emissions and strengthen global cooperation in addressing the repercussions of climate change. Furthermore, we urge Canada to consider ratifying the international convention for safeguarding the rights of migrants, workers, and their families.”

Meanwhile, Indian diplomat Mohammed Hussain noted, “We acknowledge Canada’s enactment of the National Housing Strategy Act, Accessible Canada Act, and the National strategy to combat human trafficking.” He proceeded to suggest further steps for Canada, advocating for stronger frameworks to prevent the misuse of freedom of expression leading to violence. Additionally, he emphasized the necessity to prevent attacks on places of worship and to combat hate crimes and speech effectively.

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Sri Lankan diplomat Thilini Jayasekara also stressed the importance of taking steps to counter racial discrimination against immigrant rights and misinformation targeting minority communities. Jayasekara recommended reinforcing the national mechanism for comprehensive reporting and follow-up on global human rights suggestions.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused India of violating the Vienna Convention as a group of Canadian diplomats relocated from India at the request of New Delhi amidst an ongoing diplomatic conflict. Trudeau addressed the crisis, expressing concerns about the potential dangers in a world where major nations violate international law without repercussions.

Trudeau remarked on the seriousness of the issue involving the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil, stating, “From the onset of credible allegations involving Indian government agents, we sought answers and engaged with allies to address this breach of international law and sovereignty.”

India, however, denied any involvement in the killing, emphasizing it was not their modus operandi. This response came amid India’s concerns regarding Canada harboring individuals labeled as terrorists despite India’s requests for their extradition.

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India suspended visa services in Canada, a measure that has since been partially restored. Over 40 diplomats previously posted in India were relocated, with India accusing them of meddling in its internal affairs.


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