Divorce Rules in Mughal Period: How were divorces done during the Mughal rule? These strict rules were made, there was severe punishment for violation


Divorce Rules in Mughal Period: How were divorces done during the Mughal period? This question would often come to the mind of many people. Today we are going to answer this.

Divorce Rules in Mughal Period: The Mughals, who occupied India for about 300 years, also brought many Islamic traditions with them. One of these was the divorce tradition. During the Mughal Sultanate era, there were clear laws regarding divorce, which were strictly followed. Strict action was taken against the guilty men and women for violating those laws. Today we are going to tell about the rules of divorce during the Mughal era.

Divorce rules during the Mughal era

According to BBC report, many rules were made regarding Nikah (Divorce Rules in Mughal Period) during the Mughal era. The first rule among these was that the husband cannot marry again under any circumstances while his existing wife is still alive. The second rule was that the husband could not keep any slave as his wife. The third rule was that a husband cannot stay away from his wife for a long time. If he was like that then he would have to pay maintenance to his wife.

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How did divorce happen?

During the Mughal era, when marriages took place, only verbal promises were made. Those promises were witnessed by the relatives and other people present there. If any condition of the Nikahnama (Divorce Rules in Mughal Period) was violated by the husband or wife, then that marriage could be terminated. At the same time, if the wife violates her promise to her husband, she can take revenge from him. If for some reason the marriage broke down, the husband had to pay maintenance to his wife.

Did the rule apply to the Mughals also?

According to historians, during the Mughal era, all these rules related to divorce (Divorce Rules in Mughal Period) were only for the general public. The Mughals themselves never followed them. There were hundreds of women in his harem. With which they fulfilled their physical needs. These were those women whom they used to loot and abduct in the defeated state. Their targets were largely Hindu women, who were forced to join harems under death threats.

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