Firecrackers Case in Supreme Court

Firecrackers Case in Supreme Court: The matter of allowing bursting of firecrackers on Diwali-Chhath Puja has once again reached the Supreme Court. BJP MP Manoj Tiwari has raised an important demand by filing a petition in the court on this issue.

Firecrackers Case in Supreme Court: In many states of the country including Delhi, there is a ban on burning of crackers on Diwali since last year. BJP MP Manoj Tiwari has filed an application in the Supreme Court seeking an order on this issue. Tiwari said that the Supreme Court had banned only polluting firecrackers but the state governments banned all types of firecrackers. This is a violation of freedom of religion and should be withdrawn.

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‘Ban on fireworks in many states including Delhi’

BJP MP from Delhi Manoj Tiwari said in his application that only firecrackers containing harmful explosives are banned by the Supreme Court. The court has made it clear in its order that there is no restriction from its side on firecrackers except those that cause harm. Despite this, firecrackers have been completely banned in many states including Delhi.

‘Right to religious freedom cannot be taken away’

Referring to the right to life, he said that the right to religious freedom cannot be taken away. He demanded that a balance needs to be maintained as per the SC order dated October 29 last year. The petition has demanded that all the states including Delhi should issue new guidelines for the purchase, sale and operation of permissible firecrackers.

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‘Police intensify action on Diwali’

The BJP MP said in his petition that on occasions like Diwali and Chhath, lakhs of people express their happiness by lighting fireworks. On such occasions, the police also intensify the action against them. By registering a case against the shopkeepers selling firecrackers, action is taken for confiscation and arrest of their goods. This is a direct violation of the right to religious freedom. He appealed to the Supreme Court to pass a revised order in this regard and instructions should be issued to install smog towers and plantation to prevent pollution.


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