India-China Border Dispute

India-China Border Dispute: Even though both the countries have agreed to withdraw their troops a little in the Gogra and Hot Spring areas of eastern Ladakh, India will not give any relaxation in its defense preparedness.

India-China Border Dispute: After about 2 years, India and China may have agreed to dis-engage in the Gogra and Hot Spring areas of eastern Ladakh, but India There is no mood to rush in the matter. In view of China’s trickery history, India will keep its forces on alert on the entire LAC for the time being.

India-China Border Dispute: Army Chief to visit Eastern Ladakh today

According to sources, Army Chief General Manoj Pandey will visit Ladakh today to test the readiness of the army. He will meet other senior officers including the head of the 16th Corps there and discuss the deployment of the army.

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India and China announced on Friday that they will remove their temporary structures built in the Gogra-Hot Spring area, which has been the cause of dispute between the armies of the two countries. Along with this, physical verification will also be done by visiting each other’s area.

India-China Border Dispute: Dis-engagement will be completed by September 12

According to Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi, according to the agreement reached between the armies of both the countries, the planned and dis-engagement will be done in the Gogra-Hot Spring Area with mutual coordination. For this the deadline of September 12 has been fixed. Along with this, the armies of both the countries will also withdraw from the face-to-face situation from this point.

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According to the spokesperson, both sides (India-China) also decided that they would refrain from deploying troops in the forward area and would call back phase wise troops. During this, temporary structures and bunkers built in the area from both sides will also be demolished. Later, both the sides will cross-check this matter by going to each other’s occupied area.

India-China Border Dispute: India will maintain its defense preparedness

According to sources, even though both the sides (India-China) have agreed to dis-engage in the Gogra-Hot Spring area, the danger is not averted yet. In fact, after this agreement, both sides have retreated their troops a little, but the deployment of about 1 lakh soldiers on both sides and the presence of heavy weapons is still going on. Looking at China’s past deceitful history, this time too it is not sure whether it will keep its promise sincerely. In such a situation, the Indian Army does not want to relax any alertness.

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