International Yoga Day 2022

International Yoga Day 2022: With age, the body starts feeling tired and weak. In such a situation, keep the body fit through yoga. By doing these 3 yogasanas daily, all the problems will go away.

International Yoga Day 2022: Women must exercise to stay healthy for a long time. Even today, most of the women in India are busy only with household chores. She does not spare any time for herself and her health. In such a situation, women are most prone to foot pain, knee pain, back pain and many other problems.

Women forget to take care of themselves while taking care of the family. Due to this, their age starts showing very soon. Many times women are unable to find time to go to the gym or do other exercises. In such a situation, you can keep yourself fit through yoga. Yoga not only makes you healthy, but yoga helps to keep you healthy and young for a long time. Women must do this yoga after 30 years.

yoga for women

1- Chakrasana- By doing Chakrasana, the body gets many benefits. Due to this, the oxygen flow in the body remains good. Stress is reduced and eyes remain healthy. By doing this, the fatigue of the day goes away. Women must do this asana.

How to do Chakrasana – To do Chakrasana, lie on your back and bend your legs, place your feet on the floor and turn the palms upside down and keep them near your ears. As you inhale, press your palms and feet on the ground for support, straighten your arms and legs and lift your pelvis upwards. Slowly raise your whole body upwards to form an arch. Now slowly keep the head back and relax your neck.

2- Halasana- Women who are troubled by the problem of back, legs and stomach, they must do Halasana. This gives strength to the back muscles and spinal cord. Improves blood circulation and proves beneficial for digestion.

How to do Halasana- Lie straight on the ground on your back. Now keep both hands on the ground near the thighs. While inhaling, slowly raise both the legs straight up. Press the hands down and bend the waist and put the feet behind the head. After 2-3 minutes without raising the head, slowly come to the normal position.

3- Anjanayasana- Do Anjanyasana for weight loss. Due to this posture will improve digestion and blood circulation will be much better. Doing this daily will reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.

How to do Anjaneyasana- To do this asana, sit in the posture of Vajrasana. Now take your left foot backwards and place the sole of the right foot on the ground. Take both the hands above the head and join them together. Try to lean backwards slowly. During this, move your hands as far back as possible. Stay like this for a while and come back to the old position.

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