Is Afghanistan Embassy Being Closed in India: Is the Embassy of Afghanistan in Delhi going to be closed? Big news is coming out about this.Reportedly, such a message has been sent by the Embassy to the Indian Foreign Ministry.

Is Afghanistan Embassy Being Closed in India: Is Afghanistan Embassy in Delhi closing its operations? Reportedly, such a message has been sent by the Embassy to the Indian Foreign Ministry. The ministry says that it is investigating the content and authenticity of this circular. Something can be said only after it is confirmed.

Afghan ambassador is out of India?

According to sources, it has been claimed in some media reports that the Ambassador of Afghanistan to India has been out of India for the last several months. At the same time, some Afghan diplomats are slowly leaving to seek refuge in a third country. Along with this, there have also been reports that there is internal conflict among the staff of the Afghanistan Embassy.

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Troubled by not getting funds

Some officials associated with the matter say that ever since the Taliban took over power in Afghanistan in August 2021, Taliban leaders are not cooperating with the representatives working in foreign embassies including India. Have been. They have neither been given legitimacy nor are they being funded. Troubled by non-payment of salaries, the staff spent their days somehow but now their patience has run out.

The previous government had deployed

According to the report, Farid Mamundze was posted as ambassador in the Afghan Embassy in India. It is learned that he is currently in London. Mamundje was appointed by the previous Ashraf Ghani government of Afghanistan and continues to serve as the Afghan envoy even after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021.

Embassy sent message to Indian Government

Indian government sources said that the Afghan Embassy in New Delhi has reportedly sent a message on this issue. The authenticity and content of this message is being investigated. This message is in the context of the reports of the Afghan ambassador being out of India for the last several months, the frequent visits of diplomats to third countries after allegedly being granted asylum and internal strife among the embassy staff.

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Become a center of mutual power struggle

There was no immediate response from the Afghan Embassy in India on the matter. In April-May this year, there were reports of the Taliban appointing a chargé d’affaires to lead the mission in place of Mamundze. The embassy was shaken by a power struggle in the wake of. Following the episode, the embassy issued a statement saying there had been no change in its leadership.

2 power centers built in the embassy

The struggle for power began when Qadir Shah, who was working as a trade counselor at the embassy since 2020, wrote to the Ministry of External Affairs in late April claiming that the Taliban had stopped him from working at the embassy (Afghan Embassy in India). Appointed as chargé d’affaires. India has not yet recognized the Taliban government and is advocating the formation of a truly inclusive government in Kabul. Apart from this, India is emphasizing that Afghan soil should not be used for terrorist activities against any country.

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