Muslim Deputy CM Demand

Muslim Deputy CM Demand : The AIMIM MLA has demanded that someone from the Muslim community should be made Deputy Chief Minister in Bihar. There is a large population of people of Muslim community in Bihar.

Muslim Deputy CM Demand : In Bihar, a coalition government of Nitish Kumar’s party JDU and RJD has been formed. Nitish Kumar has taken oath as the Chief Minister for the 8th time. Meanwhile, Asaduddin Owaisi’s party AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman has demanded to make a Muslim as the Deputy CM of Bihar. Not only this, he also said that at least two ministries should be given to the people of the Muslim community. AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman made many allegations against JDU and RJD and said that there is a difference in the words and deeds of both.

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Muslims get share according to population

AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman said that as much as his population should be his share. There should be share in the job. Apart from this, two ministries should be given to Muslims. This is our fight. If our words are not accepted, then there will be a difference in the words and deeds of those who are becoming well-wishers of Muslim minorities.

AIMIM MLA made this demand

MLA Akhtarul Iman further said that AIMIM has demanded from the government to make Muslim the Deputy CM. In the past also two deputy CMs were in Bihar. Deputy CM should be made on the basis of minority. Other states also have more than two deputy CMs. Our people were taken away from us. Our homes were destroyed. Our fight is from the beginning.

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4 AIMIM MLAs have joined RJD

Let us inform that Akhtarul Iman is the only MLA of AIMIM party in Bihar and he is the president of AIMIM’s Bihar unit. In the assembly elections, 5 MLAs of AIMIM won. But even before the completion of the term, 4 out of 5 MLAs have joined RJD. Akhtarul Iman is the only AIMIM MLA left in Bihar.

Significantly, there is a large population of people from the Muslim community in Bihar. AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman has challenged the RJD and JDU in a way by demanding that a Muslim be made the Deputy CM, that if they are friendly to the Muslims, then give them a share in the government.

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