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PM Narendra Modi celebrated Diwali with soldiers in Lepcha Himachal Pradesh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the Indian soldiers, praised their bravery and dedication. He also praised the increasing participation of women in the army.

PM Narendra Modi celebrated Diwali with soldiers in Lepcha Himachal Pradesh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Lepcha in Himachal Pradesh on Sunday (November 12) to celebrate Diwali with the brave soldiers. During this, he encouraged and inspired the soldiers. PM Narendra Modi said, “This is a wonderful meeting. This moment filled with coincidence and joy will bring new light to me, you and the countrymen, I believe this. While celebrating Diwali from the first village of India. To the countrymen My congratulations, Happy Diwali.”

PM Modi further said, “My family members, I have just come from a very high altitude Lepcha. It is said that a festival happens only where the family is there. Staying posted at the border away from your family on a festival day is in itself a devotion to duty. This is the culmination of this. Everyone misses the family, but there is no sadness visible on your faces even in this corner. There is not even a trace of lack of enthusiasm in you.”

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‘The country will be grateful and indebted to you’

Modi further said, “You are full of enthusiasm, full of energy, because you know that the big family of 40 crore countrymen is also your own. The country is therefore grateful and indebted to you. That is why on Diwali, in every house A lamp is also lit for your safety. That’s why in every puja, there is a prayer for heroes like you.”

‘Where the Indian Army is, that place is no less than a temple’

PM Modi said, “Every time on Diwali, I also go to the army and my security forces with this same feeling. Where Ram is, there is Ayodhya. For me, the place where the Indian Army is, is no less than any temple. Wherever you are, my festival is there. Even when there was no PM-CM, as a proud child of India, I used to go to some border or the other. The sweets phase used to go on with you people even then and I used to eat mess food also. The name of this place is also Sugar Point. My Diwali became sweeter by eating some sweets with you. This land has written its own fame in the pages of history with the ink of bravery. You have shown bravery here. The tradition has been immortalized.”

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Remembered the success of Chandrayaan and Aditya L-1

“You are the soldiers who fight and save people in disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. Which is the crisis in which you have not raised the honor of the country by standing firm. He said that India is safe as long as its borders are as firm and steadfast as the Himalayas. My brave friends are standing. It is because of your service that the land of India is safe and is on the path of prosperity. The period from last Diwali to this Diwali is full of unprecedented achievements especially for India. In the year, India landed its spacecraft on the Moon where no one has reached till date. A few days later, India successfully launched Aditya L-1.”

‘Today India is protecting itself as well as its friendly countries.’

He further said, “There was a time when we were dependent on others for our small needs, but now we are moving forward to meet the defense needs of our own as well as friendly countries. From 2014 to now India’s defense production has increased manifold till now. Friends, we will soon stand at a position where we will not have to look towards other countries for the services we need.”

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The increasing participation of women in the army was also appreciated

PM Modi also praised women power. He said, “In the past years, more than 500 women officers have been given permanent commission in the Indian Army. Today, women pilots are flying fighter planes like Rafale. For the first time, women officers are also being deployed on warships. Capable, strong and The prosperous Indian Army is setting new standards of modernity in the world. The government is taking full care of your needs and that of your family as well.”


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