Taslima Nasrin On Israel Palestine Attack: Bangladeshi poet Taslima Nasreen has said that she personally condemns atrocities against anyone anywhere in the world, including Israelis and Palestinians.

Taslima Nasrin On Israel Palestine Attack: Bangladeshi poet Taslima Nasrin, who has been rebellious all her life, believes that her countrymen who are worried about atrocities against Palestinians, should be equally concerned about the plight of minorities in their own country.

The spark of rebellion within Taslima Nasreen has still not died down and she firmly believes that it is her duty to continue fighting against injustice whenever and wherever she sees it.

‘Think also about the minorities of Bangladesh’

In an interview given to news agency PTI on Sunday (October 15), she said, “I hear that my fellow Bangladeshi citizens are angry over the atrocities on Palestinians and some of them even want to go to Palestine to help them. “I personally condemn atrocities against anyone anywhere in the world, including the Palestinians.”

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She said, “If my countrymen are so concerned about the flood of refugees resulting from atrocities and attacks in Palestine, then how can we even think about this when minorities in Bangladesh are attacked today and many of them are forced to leave their lands and become refugees elsewhere? Even if they are, their conscience must be hurt.”

‘Atrocities against minority community’

Last month, an 80-year-old poet from the minority community was assaulted, a link in a long series of such attacks in Bangladesh, he said. According to a human rights report by an organization called ‘Shrishti O Chetna’ in August 2023, attacks on temples and other community properties, or general anti-minority abuses, threats of deportation or harassment were some of the incidents that were reported.

‘Radicalism is raising its head in Bangladesh’

The eminent poet said, “Despite the spectacular economic development seen in my motherland, fundamentalism seems to be on the rise in Bangladesh. Gender imbalance continues to be a factor. People from communal organizations are being given space in the public and political arena. ”

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Taslima Nasreen is living in India

Taslima Nasreen has been honored with the Simon de Beauvoir Award and the Sakharov Award. His literary works exposing hypocrisy and fundamentalism angered the conservative class in his country and some of them issued fatwas against him. In such a situation he had to go to Europe and America. Later she came to India and now lives in Delhi.

‘Encouraging fundamentalism’

Taslima Nasreen alleged, “On one hand, Bangladesh’s per capita income is increasing and good infrastructure is emerging, while on the other hand, radicalization is being promoted to children.”


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