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Why do earthquakes keep happening? Do you know why earthquakes occur again and again? Let us also understand which places in India are more sensitive. According to the danger of earthquake, the country has been divided into several zones.

Why do earthquakes keep happening? Vibration In Earth: Earthquake has once again shaken some parts of the Earth. Strong earthquake tremors have been felt in Delhi NCR. Earthquake tremors were also felt in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. The tremors have been felt for a long time. After the shock, people came out of their homes. It has been told that the epicenter of this earthquake is Nepal. An earthquake of 4.6 magnitude occurred at a depth of just a few kilometers in Nepal. There is currently no immediate report of damage or casualties. But do you know why earthquakes occur again and again? Let us also understand which places in India are more sensitive.

What is the reason for earthquake?

In fact, experts believe that the most important reason for earthquakes is when there is a change in the position of the tectonic plates. There are 12 tectonic plates in the earth. The energy released when these plates collide with each other is called earthquake. These plates rotate at a very slow speed and shift from their place by 4 to 5 mm every year. In such a situation, one plate moves away from another and the other slips from under the other. During this process, earthquake occurs due to collision of plates.

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Earthquake areas in India were divided into zones.

It is also important to know here that due to being in the Ring of Fire, Indonesia has the highest number of earthquakes in the world. Java and Sumatra also fall in this region. Now if we talk about India, in the last few decades India is also becoming the epicenter of earthquakes. According to a research, the danger of earthquake is different everywhere in the country and according to this danger, the country has been divided into many zones. Like Zone-1, Zone-2, Zone-3, Zone-4 and Zone-5. Zone-2 means the least danger and Zone-5 means the most danger. The most dangerous area in terms of earthquake is Zone-5.

India’s Zone-5 is the most dangerous

Zone-5 includes the entire Northeast India, parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, parts of North Bihar and Andaman Nicobar Islands. Earthquakes frequently occur in this area.

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Zone-4 includes Jammu and Kashmir and remaining parts of Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Sikkim, northern parts of Uttar Pradesh, Indus-Ganga basin, Bihar and West Bengal, some parts of Gujarat and some parts of Maharashtra near the west coast and Rajasthan. Is.

Zone-3: This includes Kerala, Bihar, Western Rajasthan, Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Eastern Gujarat and some parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Zone-2: Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, some parts of Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Haryana are included in Zone-2.
Zone-1: In terms of earthquake, the least dangerous zone i.e.

Zone-1 includes parts of Western Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Eastern Maharashtra and Orissa.

What is the epicenter of an earthquake?

The place under the earth’s surface, where rocks collide with each other or break, is called the center or focus of an earthquake. It is also called hypocentre. From this center itself, energy spreads in the form of waves and vibrations and earthquakes occur. This vibration is exactly the same as the waves that spread when a stone is thrown into a still pond.

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Earthquake in Delhi-NCR

In the last few years, whenever an earthquake occurred in India, strong tremors were felt in Delhi-NCR. Experts also say that this is a matter of concern. Does change in the position of tectonic plates also occur when any action takes place on the Earth? The answers to all these questions are troubling scientists. Continuous research is being done on this.


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