Cricketer's Love Story

Cricketer’s Love Story: Former India cricketer Arun Lal tied the knot for the second time at the age of 66. He took seven rounds with 38-year-old Bulbul Saha.

Cricketer’s Love Story: There is a difference of 28 years in the age of both, Arun Lal and Bulbul Saha were in a relationship for a long time before marriage.

Arun Lal and Bulbul Saha knew each other for a long time. Arun and Bulbul got married on 2 May 2022. Both were in a relationship for a long time. Even before the wedding, the photo of turmeric of these two also went viral on social media.

After the wedding of Arun Lal and Bulbul Saha, the pictures became quite viral on social media. Arun Lal got married in a hotel in Kolkata. A post-wedding photo became quite viral, in which Arun Lal kissed Bulbul Saha.

Arun Lal was born in 1955 in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Arun had also tried his hand in commentary, but in the year 2016, he was diagnosed with cancer, after which he left commentary. Arun has also been the coach of Bengal Cricket Team.


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