Relationship Tips After Marriage:

Relationship Tips After Marriage: It is not that best friends are not important after marriage, but we should know how far our limits are.

Relationship Tips After Marriage: The relationship of friendship is very special in itself, sometimes it can be stronger than the relationship of love. The famous Irish poet Oscar Wilde said, ‘Friendship is far more tragic than love. It lasts longer’ than love. No matter how strong the friendship is, after marriage the approach changes a bit about it. You start getting so busy in married life, you get less time for friends. Still, the importance of friendship does not diminish and often you start sharing your personal things with your best friend. You should not do this. Let us know which personal things you should not tell to friends.

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Do not share these things with friends after marriage

1. Personal photos, videos and chats
After marriage, everyone should keep their personal life secret, everything about the family which is very private cannot be shared with friends, no matter how special that friend is, but every relationship has its limits to be crossed. would not be correct. Never share personal personal photos, videos, chats or messages with your partner with your friend. If nothing will remain private in personal life, then the importance of that relationship will be lost.

2. Swearing by in-laws
Be it a boy or a girl, after marriage, it has been seen many times that a person does not like the words, actions or manner of his in-laws, it does not mean that you start scolding your partner’s family members with your friends. Remember that your in-laws have now become a part of your family, even if your views do not match with theirs, but their evil will now be called your own evil. Some people do this to lighten their mind, but doing so by getting carried away by emotion can be overwhelming for you. If you do not respect the family of your life partner, then your spouse will consider it as an insult and then there will be a rift in the relationship.

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3. Spouse’s Past
After marriage, your life partners share their past secrets considering you as their own, if this is the case then never break this trust of your spouse. Often you start telling friends about the past life of your friends, this wife or husband. No matter how special the friendship is, if you are telling these things to her, then you are making a big mistake in life, because if your life partner comes to know about the loss of trust, then there is bound to be sourness in married life.


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