Sooji Halwa New style Recipe : Whenever it comes to sweet food, the first thing that comes to mind is Halwa. Especially people like semolina pudding. Today we will teach you how to make semolina pudding in a new way. Let’s know the recipe…

Sooji Halwa New style Recipe : Who does not like Halwa, most of the people like Halwa as a sweet. Especially when it comes to semolina halwa, people’s mouths start watering. Because it is made with plenty of desi ghee and dry fruits. Although there are many types of halwa. People also prepare pudding from some vegetables and eat it. People like to eat carrot halwa in winter. Special types of halwa are famous in different cities also.

Semolina halwa is made in the usual way in every home. But today we will tell you the method of making semolina pudding in a new way. After eating which the guests will say wow! Never eaten semolina pudding like this…so let’s learn how to make it.

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Note the ingredients to make Semolina Halwa-

Semolina i.e. Rava – 1 bowl
Ground cardamom – 3/4
Almonds chopped – 7 to 8
Raisins – 10 to 12
Chopped cashews – 10 to 12
Chironji – 1 teaspoon
Desi ghee – 1 teaspoon
Sugar – 1 cup
Salt – 1 pinch

Method of making semolina pudding in a new way-

  • To make semolina halwa in a new style, first of all put a pan on low flame and heat it. Then add cleaned semolina and stir. Keep in mind that you have to fry the semolina until it turns light brown.
  • Fry the semolina well and take it out in a plate. Now add desi ghee in the same pan and let it heat. Then add crushed cardamom to it and then after some time add roasted semolina. After this let it mix well with ghee.
  • After this, cook the semolina for one to two minutes. Then add about 2 glasses of water in it. Now you have to run it well. Then leave the semolina to cook and keep stirring. After some time, add sugar to the semolina and mix. Now add all the finely chopped dry fruits to the halwa. Then sprinkle a pinch of salt on top of it.
  • You will wonder how salt can be added to semolina halwa. But let us tell you that adding a pinch of salt will double the taste of halwa. After this, cook the semolina halwa while stirring for at least 15 minutes. After the color of the halwa turns golden brown, take it out in a serving bowl. After this, serve the halwa to the guests by garnishing it with dry fruits.
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