Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast: Breakfast is an important part of our daily meal, if you skip it then it will definitely harm your health. Let us look at the benefits of breakfast.

Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast: There would hardly be any person who would not want to eat breakfast, but there are many reasons due to which people skip breakfast. Due to people who wake up late, hurry to go to office or travelling, many people are not able to get their morning meal. Ayushi Yadav, former dietician of GIMS Hospital, Greater Noida, told what are the 3 reasons due to which we should never skip breakfast.

Why should you not skip breakfast?

1. Helps in reducing weight

Some people think that if they eat less, they will lose weight, with this wrong thinking they often skip breakfast. In such a situation, they feel excessively hungry at lunch time and consume more calories, which gives a big blow to the weight loss process. On the contrary, if you take a healthy diet during sleep, the calories will be distributed properly and will remain uniform throughout the day and will help in reducing weight.

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2. There will be no hunger cravings at night

There is a right time for every meal, this routine should not be broken at all, otherwise health may have to suffer many types of losses. According to Etician Ayushi, people who do not eat breakfast in the morning have more hunger cravings at night due to which the deposition of calories becomes more than normal. Therefore, definitely have breakfast.

3. Will get the necessary energy

We need a lot of energy to work throughout the day, and if we do not have breakfast, then we have to face fatigue during office work. Having a healthy breakfast provides energy to our body, which helps in maintaining our daily functioning. Helps in normal activities of life.

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