Presidential Election 2022

Presidential Election 2022: Who will be the next President of the country, this question is roaming in everyone’s mind these days. Meanwhile, according to sources, BJP has tentatively finalized two names for the post of President. A big announcement can be made in this regard next week.

Presidential Election 2022: The process of electing the next President has started in the country. The nomination process for the post of President has started from June 15, which will continue till June 29. Meanwhile, the government and the opposition have started a round of meetings for the presidential candidate. At present, all eyes are on the BJP as to whom it is fielding as its candidate. Now important information has come to the fore on this issue.

BJP has decided these 2 major names

According to sources, the party has tentatively finalized two names keeping in mind the internal situation in the country and relations with foreign countries. One of these names is the Governor of Kerala and moderate Muslim leader Arif Mohammad Khan. At the same time, the other name is being told of Draupadi Murmu, former Governor of Jharkhand. It is believed that there will be a meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Board under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi next week, in which the final decision can be taken for the presidential candidate from the party.

Arif Mohammad Khan has been the undisputed leader

If we talk about Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan, then he has many such qualities, which suit the ideology and politics of BJP. Firstly, he represents the moderate face of Muslims and speaks staunchly against fundamentalism. He had resigned from Rajiv Gandhi’s government as a protest after bowing to radical Muslims in the Shah Bano episode.

Arif Mohammad Khan is a highly educated and well-known scholar. He has deep knowledge of the country’s politics, foreign diplomatic relations and major problems. He has been the undisputed leader till now and has never been accused of corruption or misconduct. Because of these qualities, supporters of Arif Mohammad Khan are present in all parties. The party’s thinking is that if Arif declares Mohammad Khan as the candidate for the post of President, then relations with Muslim countries will also be strengthened and a befitting reply will be given to the fundamentalists who are propagating against the Modi government.

Draupadi Murmu has been the Governor of Jharkhand

Draupadi Murmu, the former governor of Jharkhand, is also said to be included in the BJP’s list. Two big reasons are being given behind the provisional selection of him. First, the big reason is that till now no one from the tribal section has become the President in the country. Whereas Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Telangana and Jammu and Kashmir have a large tribal population living in the entire North East India.

Tribal has not yet become president in the country

Party leaders are of the view that if Draupadi Murmu, who comes from the tribal section, is made the presidential candidate, then the support of the party will increase in the tribal society of these states. Which will directly benefit the party in the parliamentary elections of 2024. The second big reason is that in all the states where assembly elections have been held, the BJP has got a lot of support from women. The party believes that if Draupadi Murmu is taken forward as the Presidential candidate (Presidential Election 2022), a big message can be given to women across the country. With the selection of Draupadi Murmu, the BJP will get both the benefits of being a tribal and a woman. In such a situation, the chances of his candidature also remain strong.

PM Modi can make a shocking decision

However, those who closely watch the politics of PM Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah say that both of them have often been making shocking decisions. People whose names appear in the media for different positions often come with different names. In such a situation, it is possible that a third name apart from Arif Mohammad Khan and Draupadi Murmu may suddenly become final. For now, everyone is waiting for the BJP Parliamentary Board meeting to be held next week. In which the final name will be decided after discussing the name of the presidential candidate (Presidential Election 2022).


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