NASA Alien Mission

NASA Aliens Mission: Space scientists and the US space agency have long been searching for answers to many questions such as understanding the presence and power of aliens in the outside world. The mission in which the scientists are now engaged in this episode is quite shocking.

NASA Alien Mission : There is always a question in the mind of every person interested in space or space whether life exists anywhere other than Earth? Despite many space missions, our scientists have not yet been able to find traces of life outside the earth.

You must have also read the news of research on UFOs and aliens in America and Western countries. Although not everyone knows the real truth about them.

Meanwhile, NASA scientists have tried to answer some questions about aliens and their presence. Actually scientists have made a plan that they will send messages to the aliens in their language.

Talk to aliens!

NASA scientists have gathered on this plan. Scientists are working on this mission under the chairmanship of Dr. Jonathan at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

According to the report published in ‘The Guardian’, NASA scientists are preparing to transmit a special binary message. This will be a type of radio signal, through which it will be tried to communicate with the aliens.

It will be decoded in the language of aliens only. According to this report, NASA scientists want to send the location of the Earth and some DNA samples to the aliens. These messages will be sent through radio signals.

tried like this before

However, some experts have been told in the report that this plan is part of the process in which it was claimed that some messages were sent to Earth from the world of aliens. It is being said that the message of aliens came to the earth two years ago.

At that time the radio telescope on Earth had recorded the rapid wave of radio rays. Although this wave was for a few milliseconds which suddenly disappeared. But knowing about these radio rays was considered an important discovery. For the first time, Fast Radio Burst was detected so close to the Earth.

It was told that these messages have been received from aliens only. Later, an attempt was made to understand the messages coming in these signals. Now messages will be sent back in this link. For the time being, it will be interesting to see how far scientists will be able to achieve success in this new experiment.


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