Nasa Alien Mission:

Nasa Alien Mission: Scientists have been continuously searching for life or aliens in space outside the Earth for many years. Nude photos of humans to attract aliens will be sent under the plan made by NASA scientists to attract aliens.

Nasa Alien Mission: Humans have been trying to connect with aliens in another part of space for more than 150 years. Although so far he has been unsuccessful, or at least there is no public information available that confirms contact with aliens. In such a situation, scientists are now working on a new way of contacting aliens.

trying to attract aliens

According to the team working on this project, they hope that by sending a picture of two nude people out of Earth’s atmosphere into the universe, they can arouse the curiosity of aliens and encourage communication with them.

According to the report published in our partner website WION, a group of scientists has developed a special message that will be sent to attract aliens. It also includes a picture of a nude man and woman, in which they are seen waving hands.

In addition to pixelated photographs, the imagery of gravity and DNA has also been included in this campaign. Scientists believe that aliens can understand most of such binary-coded messages.

How did the idea come about?

According to scientists, they chose to send these pictures to space because it is possible that the way of communication of aliens is completely different from that of humans.

According to the scientists working on this project, ‘The proposed message incorporates basic mathematical and physics concepts to create a means of communication.

It is like a master plan in which the biochemical composition of life on Earth, the position of the Solar System in the Milky Way as well as digital information of its and the Earth’s surface has also been given.

tried like this before

This is not the first time that scientists have tried to send nude pictures of humans in space. Such images were also sent during the Pioneer 10 mission in 1972 and the Pioneer 11 mission in 1973. Due to which an attempt was made to give a deep message to the aliens.


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