Early Marriage Tips:

Early Marriage Tips: Weak planets in the horoscope can also be the reason behind delay in marriage or getting cheated again and again. If some measures are taken, then it will not be difficult to get the true or desired life partner.

Early Marriage Tips: If you are not able to find a life partner or there are obstacles in marrying the one you love, then some measures should be taken. These remedies given in astrology can help a lot in getting a true and good life partner. These remedies are quite simple but give very effective results. They remove all the obstacles coming in marriage.

True life partner will give these remedies

If your search for your life partner is not ending, then offer flute and paan in the temple of Lord Shri Krishna, this will soon knock love in your life.

If there are problems in getting married to a love partner, then worship Maa Durga and offer red flag or chunari to her on Friday. This will open the way for getting married soon.

Worship Lord Shiva to get a good and true life partner. Fast on 16 Mondays. On Monday, anoint the Shivling with honey. Soon your wish will come true.

If the planetary defects of the horoscope are delaying the marriage, then worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. On Thursday of Shukla Paksha, chant Om Laxmi Narayan Namah Mantra with a garland of crystals. Then every Thursday for 3 months, offer yellow colored sweets in the temple.

By wearing yellow clothes on Thursday and white on Friday, Jupiter and Venus will get stronger in the horoscope and get married soon.

If there are obstacles in marriage, then lover-girlfriend should not meet on Saturday and new moon day. It would be better to spend time together on Friday and on the full moon day. This will increase the love and trust between them.

Offer flower garlands, sugar candy to Lord Krishna in Radha Krishna temple and pray to him to give love in your life. Pray to give a good life partner.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. Country connect News does not confirm the same.)


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