Keep This Photo Of Hanuman Ji

Keep This Photo Of Hanuman Ji: According to astrology, many things should be kept in mind while putting pictures of deities in the house. Each pose picture of Hanuman ji has a different meaning. Different pictures are used for different purposes.

Keep This Photo Of Hanuman Ji: I worship all the deities in their homes by putting pictures of deities, sit in front of them and meditate, yet I do not feel like.

Actually, Bhava is very important thing in worshiping each deity. Bhava means mood, when your mood is good then only you are able to do any creative work i.e. result oriented work can be done.

Similarly, God also has a mood, whatever pictures of gods and goddesses you want to put in your house, they should be put according to the mood after a lot of thought.

Saint Kabir has also said, “Mala ferat jug bhaya, phera na man ka pher, kar ka manka dar de, man ka manka fer.” That is, while turning the garland, the whole life passes, yet the mood of the mind does not change, the movement of the mind does not calm down, Kabir Das ji advises such people to leave the garland of their hands and change the pearls of the mind, then God Will get it easily

Many things are associated with the picture carrying the mountain

Generally, in the picture of Hanuman ji installed in the houses, he is seen carrying the whole mountain along with the Sanjeevani Booti. Try to understand the meaning of this picture.

There is a war going on in Lanka with Ravana, Lakshman ji, the younger brother of Lord Shri Ram, has got power, due to which he fainted and fell on the ground. The entire army including Shri Ram became very sad and disappointed by this incident. In such a situation, Ravana’s Vaidya Sushen is called in Lanka.

Sushen Vaidya told a medicine named Sanjeevani Booti for the treatment of Lakshman ji, but he talked about meeting him on the Himalayan mountain and also put a condition that Lakshman ji’s life can be saved only if the medicine arrives before sunrise.

Now in such a situation, Hanuman ji is going for urgent work in the service of his Lord, who has only one feeling in his mind that in some way the medicine should be brought on time and Lakshman ji is healthy so that the nostalgia of Lord Shri Ram is reduced. Could.

When he went to take medicine, there Ravana created confusion with his illusion and the plant started shining. In such a situation, Hanuman ji uprooted the entire mountain. On the way, Bharat Bhai saw that someone was flying over Ayodhya, so he shot Hanuman ji down with an arrow.

After knowing all this, Hanuman ji again reached Lanka on time and after getting medicine, Lakshman ji’s unconsciousness ended.

Now if you pray for your promotion, salary increase or any other kind of prayer in front of such a picture, then how will he be able to listen because Hanuman ji himself is in a lot of trouble.

Doctors should worship the mountain picture

Worshiping the picture of Hanuman ji flying with a mountain can be done by a doctor, just as you saved the life of Shri Lakshman ji, give me the same kind of power so that I can also heal my patients.

An ordinary person can worship such a picture with a selfless spirit that if you are going for Ram Kaj then you will be successful. Shri Ram Shri Ram can also be chanted for some time.

Worship with the picture of Varad Mudra

Family people should put a picture of Hanuman ji in their homes in which they are giving blessings with one hand and should not stand with a mace stretched but placed next to it. The picture of Varada Mudra is most accurate.

The whole game is about the mood, the child in the house also recognizes the mood of his father, after coming from the office, if he is talking to someone on the phone in sharp words, then the child does not make any demand, but the day the father When he enters the house in a good mood, the child clings to him and demands. You pray in front of Hanuman ji of Varad Mudra, he will surely listen.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. Country Cunnect News does not confirm the same.)


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